welcome to the world of PARENTAL GUIDANCE

"PARENTAL GUIDANCE is where both art and science meet." - Nick Parent

The brand was developed in late 2021 and officially launched in 2023 by founder Nick Parent. It all started through the desire to be creative and analytical at the same time. What was supposed to start out originally as a clothing line, but then turned into a cosmetic tattooing studio, to now a complex, passion fueled business that encapsulates the mind of Nick Parent.

"I have always wanted to do big things in this big world, and being creative needs to be one of them." Nick mentions as he jets back to British Columbia to go work as a Medical Laboratory Technologist. Although he has accomplished lots in his medical career at the age of 24, he still feels he needs to do more. An entire mind of creative direction that has been held dormant for the past 24 years is now finally starting to see the light.

"PARENTAL GUIDANCE is not JUST a clothing line, not JUST a tattoo studio, it is all me. I am so involved with every little thing - the photoshoots, the editing, the videography, the clothing designs, the social media, the marketing - its all me." Nick states as he recounts on how much time he has invested in the brand. Overall, it appears this new beginning is able to fulfill his artistic mind in ways nothing has before. Nick truly has a sparkle in his eye talking about every element of his business.

PARENTAL GUIDANCE LABS is a powerhouse that truly brings a new sense of creativity and passion to today's market. It makes people ask questions and expect the unexpected - exactly what Nick wants.

it is authentic,

it is unfiltered,

it is Nick Parent.