frequently asked questions.

what is lip blushing?

lip blushing is a semi-permanent tattoo that consists of implanting a pigment underneath the first layer of the skin - the epidermis.

lip blushing helps define the shape of the lips, along with correct any irregularities in pigment found on the lips ie. hypopigmentation.

how long does it take?

the usual lip blush appointment will take 2-2.5 hours.

the appointment consists of the procedure itself, but also choosing a custom pigment based off your desire outcomes, skin tone, and current lip colour. there is also additional time needed for the application of the numbing agent before and during the process.

the appointment may also be lengthy due to me being a chatterbox <3.

is it painful?

the pain level for the lip blush procedure is usually very minimal.

a numbing agent is applied to the skin before and during the procedure to ensure comfort and relaxation during the appointment. the beginning can be a bit 'spicy' but is definitely bearable.

however, everyones pain level is different. a minimal pain may be okay for you but not for your sister.

how long does it last?

all lip blush procedures are considered to be 'semi-permanent'. this means that they will not necessarily last forever as opposed to a traditional tattoo.

the reason for this is because we are applying the pigment to the epidermis rather than the underlying layers of skin. additionally, the skin on your lips is different than on your face and tends to naturally exfoliate more.

the lip blush procedure will usually last between 1-2 years. Given proper aftercare and touch up appointments have been followed.

do i need more sessions?

it is possible.

a 6-week follow up appointment is highly recommend following your initial lip blush appointment. this is to ensure the uniform pigment has been implanted into the lips as some may fall out during the healing process.

we usually recommend a yearly touch-up appointment to catch any areas that may have lost concentration over time - these are booked under a reduced rate.

more questions?

feel free to contact us <3